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    At Knox Sports Marketing our specialty is negotiation, activation and management of sports sponsorships on behalf of our corporate clients.

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Olympic Takeover: Under Armour

Tough to argue that the current stars of the Games are the Final Five and Michael Phelps. NBC has insured that we have this message nailed home…But what do the precocious gymnasts and GOAT Olympian have in common? Under Armour, a brand on it’s way to sponsorship gold, just like the athletes that sport it.

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Without actual games to discuss, sports media has been filing Olympic time slots ripping the Rio game and their organizers for every imaginable future malady. As fun as it would be to pile on, a much more intriguing battle is happening in the social ethosphere surrounding these games and they are bringing attention from different kinds of security, contractors and police…

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Twitter: Changing the way sports are viewed… Well, Trying.

Recently Twitter has been expanding it’s mini-blogging platform to new heights. A partnership with periscope and new updated features coming out monthly keeps Twitter in one of the top spots when it comes to th e social media platform competition.

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