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New York Yankees’ Make Change After Decades

The New York Yankees are arguably one of the most, if not the most, recognizable brands in the sport market. Their iconic yet simple uniforms have been the same since the 1930’s with some minor changes in the 70’s. It is clear that the Yankees are not change enthusiasts.

Not changing their uniforms for so long can have both a negative and positive impact to their revenue. If the uniform never changes why buy a new one (unless you pack on a couple pounds from attending those glorious concession stands at the games). The Yankee uniforms are great for people that love consistency, with just two uniforms to choose from the average person suffering from OCD may love this team just for the mere fact that nothing changes!

I got news for you though the Yankees did the unthinkable. They did indeed change their uniforms. Do not be alarmed, nothing crazy has happened to the beloved Yankee jersey; in fact, from the

naked eye one would think that their jersey has just faded over the years. What changes have they made you might ask? Well, the light gray jersey is now dark gray AND the helmets no longer have a gloss that shines when the sun beams down in Yankee Stadium, it is now matte.

The helmet has been compared to the helmets worn in the 1930’s so maybe the Yankees have not changed but have just gone back in time. Which ever way you look at it, the Yankees have officially made just the right amount of subtle changes to make people question their detergent.

Is the Yankee’s decision not to change their uniforms drastically a component in their immense revenue success? What do you think?!


Photo courtesy of businessisider.com

Photo courtesy of businessinsider.com

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