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Are Those Sharks In My Coffee, Or Just AR?

Augmented reality

Just a few days ago Facebook launched a new camera platform for developers that pushes augmented reality forward. Augmented reality plans to change the way we interact with photos, restaurants, museums, sports, and for all its worth- life. It takes your basic 2D photos and transforms them into 3D and/or 360 degree photos. At the […]

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Knox Sports 20th Anniversary Give Away

  In 1997 Knox Sports Marketing began its journey down an unknown road. We started as a small company in a niche that seemed bizarre event to insiders – sport sponsorship consultations and contract negotiation. Now, over 20 years later we have this once unfamiliar concept down to a science.   This year marks our […]

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Why One Time Won’t Fit All When It Comes To Facebook Posting

We’re all guilty of searching relentlessly for “The Best Time To Post On Social.” If you say you’ve never done it, well there it about a 100% chance you’re not telling the truth. There has been study after study to try and identify the best time to post & what times will yield the most […]

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