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Come on Ump! Bring on the Sponsorship Dollars

    Should the MLB seriously consider using instant replay more in Pro Baseball? Well…umm…yes.

    The world’s most popular baseball franchise, the New York Yankees, got jobbed by the umps on Sunday night. This should serve as the final nail in the coffin for Major League Baseball (and their antiquated Commissioner) to finally announce that getting calls right on the biggest stage is important. They will also need to allow technology to assist in this endeavor. If that were the end of the argument, it would be good enough. But, how about we add a pickle to the dagwood. Sponsorship dollars would attach to this concept like a remora to a hammerhead.

Reuters/Mike Segar

    The NFL already knows this as every time the zebra heads to the hood, radio play-by-play voices announce “this decision is brought to you by…” The extra TV break brings a bonus to spot buyers across the country. Just think what the game without a clock will do if the boys in blue have to take a replay break twice a game. “Is he safe? Are you safe? Fans check out he latest in home security now at WeAreWatching.Com”. When the local franchises realize that they just scored another 25 bonus commercial breaks every season and monetize this, there will be no more dinosaurs to support Selig in his quest to maintain MLB’s insistence on human frailty as the answer to all decisions.

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