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Olympic Takeover: Under Armour


The Olympics are in full swing and a week in the United States is living on the podium with fans in Rio from other countries probably sick of our anthem…


Tough to argue that the current stars of the Games are the Final Five and Michael Phelps. NBC has insured that we have this message nailed home…But what do the precocious gymnasts and GOAT Olympian have in common? Under Armour, a brand on it’s way to sponsorship gold, just like the athletes that sport it.


Under Armour is not an official Olympic Sponsor; meaning they had to get creative in order to support their stars without breaking the infamous rule 40.


Just weeks before the Games UA released the “Rule Yourself” campaign featuring the aforementioned stars who just happen to all wear Under Armour gear in competition with the girls having just won two gold medals and one silver sweeping the competition (you go girls).


The campaign was a huge hit, especially for their target demographic, millennial men. The brand proved what it takes to make these millennial’s tick, inspiration. With this campaign, Under Armour proved to be trusting and authentic.


Michael Phelps’s Rule Yourself campaign (featured below) showing his “last goodbye” happens to be the second most shared Olympic spot ever…so rack up another medal for the Maryland brand.


Since the games have started, the underdog apparel company has seen a $200,000 increase in brand value just off of flash clips of Phelps wearing their gear. Having an athlete that is setting simply unbreakable records cannot be bad for the business and that is not even counting the value the brand will see from the gymnastics success America is enjoying.


Under Armour makes a conscious effort to stay in their lane when it comes to their sponsorship role in the Olympics. They are not allowed to use any Olympic keywords, hashtags or symbols for social or marketing but it is clear that they simply do not have to.


Under Armour is proving that you do not need to spend the amount of money that could probably help rebuild a small country’s economy to be an official sponsor of the Olympics. Why would they? After two weeks Under Armour will have freedom to post and market ALL of Phelps’ Olympic success, an investment worth way more than two weeks of rings.




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