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What Is a Register To Win Promotion?

Register To Win Promotions

And How They Grow Your Business 

Have you found yourself wondering “how can I get new leads?” or “how can I get more people to visit my business?” These are common concerns in the business world, trust us- we have all been there.

If you find yourself thinking this to often and find yourself NOT getting answers, we can help. And the answer is simple: Register To Win Promotions. 


What: A register to win (RTW) is a promotion designed for our clients that allows these companies to gather invaluable information on potential consumers.

Where: RTW’s can take place anywhere and simply takes the passion of the sports fan and translates that to information for our clients to use. We have negotiated simple RTW promotions where people win game tickets, great seats, or pre-game sideline access to dynamic behind the scenes access in locker rooms, team planes or pregame meetings. RTW promotions are effective at all levels, big or small.
Why: By hosting a RTW win you are collecting data on consumers. This data can be as specific as you wish. You can collect anything from first name, email address, or phone number all the way to “do you currently have car insurance? If so, with whom, and when is it up for renewal?”. This provides our clients with a list of new leads they are now able to actively pursue.
How: Knox Sports and our clients sit down and identify the information you as a company would benefit from the most. From there we negotiate with teams in order to get you the most for your budget.

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